Information for the finalists

Dear finalists,

let us congratulate you on getting to the final and let us inform you about several things.

The competition finals will be held at Division Stasys Raštikis Lithuanian Armed Forces School (LAFS) based in Kaunas city (for more information about the School please click here). You will be housed in a military style barracks (Wi-Fi will be available).

Please bear in mind that one night you will spend in an outdoor area (military tents) at the training area. Therefore following items are extremely important for successful participation in Aliante 2015 finals:


We recommend you to bring outdoor clothes that you can use during the competition. The competition might require crawling on the ground, climbing walls, running. Finals will also include two days terrain walk in forest area, therefore we ask to bring clothes that you do not mind getting dirty, wet or damaged.

  • T-Shirt with short sleeves, T-Shirt with long sleeves (more than 1 piece)
  • Shorts and trousers (more than 1 piece in case of rain)
  • Rain coat
  • Comfortable shoes for running and going to terrain
  • Warm pullover and socks (for outdoor camping)
  • Backpack for terrain walk

As the closing ceremony of Aliante 2015 finals will be held at the Town Hall of Kaunas city, we ask participants to have a formal outfit. No black tie is required, but jeans are also not welcome.

  • For outdoor camping you will need your own sleeping bag and a sleeping mat. It is a must because no beds or other sheets will be provided.
  • During the terrain walk you will be provided with MRE ratio packs therefore we ask you to bring your own mess tin, knife, spoon and fork.
  • you also need to bring your own personal items including a towel, soap, shampoo and flip flops (to use in the showers)
  • please have sun glasses, sunscreen and insects repellents (bear in mind that you will spend two days in the terrain/forest area)

NOTE: For legal issues we ask all participants to have medical form confirming that you are fit enough to take part in the competition which includes running, climbing (active sport). Please let us know if you have any allergies. Please let your coordinators know if you are vegetarian or have any food allergies.

NOTE: Drinking alcoholic drinks in the training area or at LAFS is strictly forbidden.

For any details please contact your national coordinator.