1st round correct answers

1. Which pair of countries joined NATO in the same enlargement round/year?

a) Lithuania and Croatia
b) Czech Republic and Slovenia
c) Albania and Romania
d) Slovakia and Bulgaria

2. Who served as NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) during the fall of the Berlin wall?

a) General John Craddock
b) General John R. Galvin
c) General John M. Shalikashvili
d) Admiral James Stavridis

3. Which country of the NATO’s Istanbul Cooperation Initiative has NOT taken part in direct military action against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant as of January 2015?

a) Bahrain
b) Jordan
c) Kuwait
d) United Arabian Emirates

4. As of January 2015, the ISAF mission in Afghanistan…

a) continues as a combat mission in lesser force
b) continues as a non-combat mission under the same structure
c) ceases to be a multinational mission, continues as single-country
d) ceases to exist and is replaced by an advisory mission

5. Which of the following non-NATO countries deployed the most personnel to the ISAF mission?
Correction: The biggest contributor when the ISAF mission ended (December 2014) was Jordan. But the biggest personnel contributor to the ISAF mission during its whole duration was Australia. Both answers are considered correct.

a) Ireland
b) Australia
c) Jordan
d) Mongolia

6. Which was NATO’s first out-of-area land military operation?


7. Which of the following NATO countries does NOT operate any navy submarines?

a) France
b) Denmark
c) Netherlands
d) Spain

8. Which is the smallest NATO country by population?

a) Estonia
b) Luxembourg
c) Iceland
d) Albania

9. Which article of the North Atlantic Treaty affirms the primary role of the UN Security Council in maintaining international peace?

a) Article no. 2
b) Article no. 6
c) Article no. 7
d) Article no. 11

10. As of last year, which new event can trigger a response under Article 5 of the Washington Treaty?

a) Economic sanctions against a NATO member
b) Major cyber-attack against a NATO member
c) Conventional attack on Australia
d) Acquisition of nuclear weapons by a new state

11. Which NATO center offers top-level training in countering improvised explosive devices?

a) Centre of Excellence in Rome
b) Centre of Excellence in Madrid
c) Centre of Excellence in Ingolstadt
d) Centre of Excellence in Vilnius

12. Who will become the first Chairman of the NATO Military Committee to come from a former Warsaw Pact country this year?

a) The Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Poland
b) The Commander-in-Chief of the Romanian Naval Forces Staff
c) The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Hungary
d) The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic

13. Which of these NATO countries hosts by far the largest long-term contingent of US forces in Europe?

a) Germany
b) United Kingdom
c) France
d) Italy

14. Which of these decisions was NOT adopted at the 2010 Lisbon NATO Summit?

a) The decision to gradually withdraw forces from Afghanistan by 2014
b) The decision to offer Georgia a Membership Action Plan
c) The New Strategic Concept
d) The decision to develop a joint missile defense system

15. Complete the sentence correctly: In January 2015 Hungary neighbored with…

a) 3 NATO member countries, 4 EU member countries, and 3 Schengen Area countries
b) 4 NATO member countries, 3 EU member countries, and 2 Schengen Area countries
c) 4 NATO member countries, 5 EU member countries, and 3 Schengen Area countries
d) 3 NATO member countries, 5 EU member countries, and 4 Schengen Area countries

16. Which of the following two NATO operations took place in the same region?

a) Operation Active Fence and Operation Joint Endeavour
b) Operation Maritime Guard and Operation Ocean Shield
c) Operation Unified Protector and ISAF
d) Operation Allied Force and KFOR

17. With which arrangement does NATO share access to its planning capabilities and military assets with the EU in its crisis management operations?

a) Saint-Malo Declaration
b) Berlin Plus Agreement
c) Euro-Atlantic Partnership Arrangement
d) European Capabilities Action Plan

18. Which one of these countries is NOT a founding member of NATO?

a) France
b) Germany
c) United Kingdom
d) Italy

19. Which of the following NATO countries is NOT protected by a permanent presence of air policing capabilities?

a) Slovenia
b) Iceland
c) Estonia
d) Luxembourg

20. Which of these elements has NOT been considered as a critical capability to be developed by NATO at the last two summits?

a) Ballistic Missile Defense Capabilities
b) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Strike Capabilities
c) Alliance Ground Surveillance Capabilities
d) Stabilization and Reconstruction Capabilities