Competition Rules

  1. The main organizer and international coordinator of the Aliante 2015 Competition (hereinafter „competition) is:
    Jagello 2000 Association, ID: 706 40 866, residing in Výstavní 8, 709 00 Ostrava 9, Czech Republic (
    National coordinators in respective countries are:
    Canada - The Atlantic Council of Canada (
    Croatia - The Atlantic Council of Croatia
    Georgia - National Council of Youth Organizations of Georgia (
    Lithuania - Lithuanian Atlantic Treaty Association (
    Montenegro - ALFA Centar (
    Poland - Euro-Atlantic Association (
    Slovakia - Euro-Atlantic Center (
    Turkey - YATA TURK (
    These institutions are referred to as „the organizers“. Above mentioned countries are “participating countries”.
  2. The competition is held in the participating countries and on the website, where are specified the competition schedule, questions and other official information.
  3. Participant of the competition can be anyone with permanent residency in one of the participating countries, aged 15-19 (born in the period of August 1, 1995 – June 30, 2000).
  4. The competition is designed for teams consisting of two students. Each team may opt to have a substitute member who will participate if one of the original team members is unable to participate in the next round. Only two members of the team may travel to the finals and/or the Winners’ Trip. All members of a team must permanently reside in one country.
  5. To participate in the competition, a team have to register at the website, in the Registration page in his language version. After registration, unique number will be assigned to each team and it will serve for its identification. Any person cannot register more than once.
    Data provided at registration needs to be true. The organizers reserve a right to disqualify a team that provided false data. The organizers commit to protect personal data according to respective laws in participating countries. Data will not be provided to any party outside of the competition.
  6. All participants must be able to communicate in English. Knowledge of English will be checked before the international finals. If it is determined that a team cannot communicate effectively in English, it will be replaced.
  7. The communication between the organizers and participating teams is conducted via the competition website (, the Facebook profile of the competition ( For contacting separate teams is used their registered e-mail address.
  8. The organizers cover the following costs to the participants:
    1. Transportation to the finals and the Winners’ Trip, namely in the form of reimbursement of return tickets or by providing transport (microbus, flight tickets, train, etc.), including local transport
    2. Travel insurance for the finals and the Winners’ Trip.
    3. Food and accommodation at the international finals and the Winners‘ Trip.
  9. The prize cannot be pursued by legal means. The prize cannot be awarded as a financial award.
  10. These rules exist in national languages of all participating countries. In the case of discrepancy, the English version is considered as original and determinative.
  11. Organizers reserve the right to change the competition schedule as well as other provisions, especially based on actual negotiations with competition partners (organizers of the international finals or the Winners’ Trip).