Feedback of participants

ALIANTE is one of the best projects I have participated in. On the one hand I am very happy that I had a chance to be involved in ALIANTE, but on the other I am sad that it was the last year I’m eligible for this project. Participating in this project gave me huge knowledge and experience. I learnt much about NATO and world security. But the most important was experience which I would never get without this project. I lived in military bases as in Georgia as well in Slovakia and completed fascinating tasks. I will always remember that time. And winners’ trip in Germany was best time ever. We travelled around the country, visited many interesting places such as Air Force and Navy military bases. I believe that one of the biggest profits I got from this project is many friends I gained. I met a lot of people from all over the world and learned much about their countries. I am very happy that this project exists.
Nikoloz Khachidze, Georgia

Aliante is a great opportunity to gain a lifetime experience. It gives a perfect chance to get unforgettable impressions. This year it was my third time to participate in this competition. Therefore, I can say without any hesitation that Aliante is the best way to get knowledge about different issues, realize yourself, discover your weaknesses and try your strength. This program helps to develop various skills, which will manage your future success.

What’s the main, Aliante gives you a chance to meet people from different countries and make new international friends. Also, it makes you possible to travel abroad and have a nice time.

As I am already nineteen, after this I’m not allowed to participate in this project. This is a deplorable fact, because Aliante has become vital for me and it’s just impossible not to take part in this competition any more.
Tamar Chkhitunidze, Georgia

Our experience with Aliante competition was very pleasant. For us, Aliante is a type of competition where you can show not only your knowlege of NATO and international relations, but also show your skills in orientation, team work and other military excercises. We were very happy to learn many things through answering questions, find out many perks of military life and in the end travel accross all Germany which was unique and unforgetable experience. For us, benificial thing was support from our professor who guided us all the way to the top!
Hanna Davidović, Andrej Novinc, Croatia

Aliante was a very special competition for us not only by its focus on both theoretical and practical skills. It gave us a lot – knowledge and great experience from places that are usually restricted for civilians. The most important part about Aliante is its international dimension which enabled us to get to know wonderful new people, make new friends and, of course, a sweet award – winners‘ trip in Germany.
Vladimír Nekoranec, Michal Lučan, Slovakia

Aliante was a big challenge for me. I like the idea of combining knowledge and physical condition in the competition. I really enjoyed the international finals because I like sports and getting to know new places and cultures. This was the best part of Aliante. I found lots of new friends from Georgia, Croatia, Poland and other countries. Although we were all rivals, the atmosphere at the finals was very friendly. Winners‘ trip was then just the icing on the cake.
Zdenka Šunková, Czech Republic

Aliante – a life-time adventure Aliante became my springboard and compass: the experience strengthened my interest in international issues and directed my focus to security issues that remained my main field of interest during my studies of International Relations. Being lucky enough to participate as a student and also as a coordinator and following the life of some participants until today, I could sum up Aliante as – for the Hungarian participants, at least – the door to the world.
Zita Andrássy, Hungary

I’m really grateful for those unforgettable memories that ALIANTE brought to my life. ALIANTE is a perfect opportunity for young people who are seeking their way in life. It’s really worth participating because it helps to broaden your horizons.
Ieva Janonyté, Lithuania