Guidelines for the second round questions and answers

Congratulations! If you are interested in how to answer questions in second round, chances are you succeeded in the first round then!

The 2nd round is a significant step forward from the 1st round, both in terms of required knowledge and depth of answers. However, you should not be scared. Hundreds of students before you faced this challenge and with enough effort it is certainly within your limits to pass to the finals. These guidelines will help you get it done.

  • Your answers must:
    • be in your national language
    • include your team number (in the name of the file, preferably)
    • be submitted in MS Word (doc or docx) or PDF formats
  • It is up to you how long your answer will be, but make sure it contains all required information. On the other hand, it is useless to add more text without any relevant information in it. 
  • The questions usually call for deeper inquiry into the topic. It is beneficial to consult multiple sources before you start answering. Compose a comprehensive answer. 
  • Make sure you use reliable sources. You can look into books, visit your local library, or search the internet… You can also consult your teacher, who should know, what is reliable. (Wikipedia is not reliable source, but you can use Wikipedia to find sources in references.) 
  • Looking up for the terms in English can provide much more sources than in your national language. If you are not sure about the translation, you can switch the Aliante website to English. 
  • Make sure your answers include the sources that you used in composing your answer. You don’t have to use academic citations, but please provide information about all sources that you used in a way those can be verified (name of the document, author, page, exact website link...). 
  • Graphic design is not evaluated (can only be taken into consideration if two teams score the same number of points), but neat format of the whole document looks great. You can include illustrative pictures, too. As for the geographical questions, you can download a blank map from the internet and use a graphical software to mark your answer. It may be useful to accompany the map with explanatory text as well.  
  • On average, you have approx. one day to answer one question. Make sure to plan your work well. 
  • Try to answer all questions.
  • Try to think of ways how your answers can stand out among what the other teams submit, so that you score more points – and qualify for the finals!