How to participate

  1. Aliante is a team competition – so find yourself a teammate to participate with. You both need to be from one country and in the age of 15-19. See the “Competition Rules” or “FAQ”, when you are not sure, if you can participate.
  2. We recommend that you choose also a substitute member who will take part, if one of the original team members is unable to participate in the next round. A substitute member is not mandatory, but must be identified at the time of registration if you decide to have one.
  3. You have to register no later than April 9, 2015, before 23:59 CET. After that, the registration form will be deactivated. It is also the time when the form with 1st round questions will be deactivated, so we recommend not to hesitate, also regarding possible technical issues. Additional registration or submitting the 1st round questions is not allowed.
  4. The registration form can be found here. Fill it in within your national version of the website. We recommend to double check the data, especially e-mail address - stated e-mail address will be used by organizers for communication with you and if it is wrong, you will not receive your competition number and password.
  5. In the case of any registration difficulties, please contact the project coordinator at: Please use English for communication, because the coordinator may not able to understand and respond in your national language.
  6. After you have your team number and password, you can go through the questions of the 1st round. There are 20 multiple choice questions, only one out of four options is correct. You can prepare correct answers, for example by searching for them in books or on the Internet.
  7. When you are ready to answer the questions, fill in the competition form and answer all the questions at the same time. You must complete the questions in one session. Technical reasons make it impossible to work on the form over a period of days.
  8. The deadline for submitting answers is April 9, 2015 at 23:59 CET. Answers sent after this time will not be processed. It makes no difference for the evaluation whether you send your answers on March 10 or on April 6, but any complications may occur, so we advise not to wait for the last minutes.
  9. Teams that answer 15 and more questions of the 1st round correctly pass to the 2nd round.
  10. Questions of the 2nd round will be published on April 10, 2015, at this website, together with detailed instructions and guidelines. You can find some information in the competition schedule, too.
  11. If you have any questions about the competition, please contact your national coordinator at: